Judiciary Disposed 13,273 Cases In Preceding Year - Abraham

The Akwa Ibom Judiciary has disposed a total of 13,273 cases from the various courts in the state during the 2019/2020 Legal Year. 

 The state chief judge, Justice Godwin Abraham, made this known on the occasion to herald the 2020/2021 Legal Year, at the Multi-purpose Hall, Judiciary Headquarters, Uyo, recently. 

 The courts are High Court of Justice, Magistrates, MultiDoor Court House and District Courts. Justice Abraham explained that the constitutional mandate of the judiciary is adjudication in civil and criminal disputes. 

Thus, the 2019/2020 legal year statistical data of cases in the courts which is hereto annexed, indicates the imperative for recruitment of personnel for the judiciary to accelerate the dispensation of justice due to the large number of cases pending in courts. "Obviously, there has been an upsurge in litigation in our state recently.

 "While many attribute this to awareness among the people, others argue that the judiciary has inspired public confidence leading to many seeking judicial intervention in their disputes. However, it is a welcome development that rather than resort to self help in times of dispute, Akwa Ibom people have opted for the civilized preference of approaching the courts for resolution.

 Of course this has naturally increased the case loads for the judiciary and raised the need to enlist more judicial hands to enhance the dispensation of justice. He stated that, in the high court, at the beginning of that legal year, there were 3,782 outstanding cases while 3,960 cases were filed within the legal year.

 This brought the total number of cases in the High Court of Akwa Ibom State to 7,742 in that legal year. Out of this number, 2,943 cases were disposed of, while 4,799 are still pending and have been carried into this new year. A fortiori, in the Magistrates Courts, 4,356 cases were outstanding at the beginning of the last legal year. 

While 6,554 cases were filed within that legal year and this brought the total to 10,910 cases. Out of this number, 6,228 cases were disposed of while 4682 were outstanding as at the end of the legal year. At the Multi-Door Court House, 326 cases were pending at the beginning of the last legal year while 504 were filed within the legal year, 549 were disposed of, while 281 remained outstanding as at the end of the legal year. At the District Courts, 8,521 cases were pending at the beginning of the legal year while 3,362 were filed. 

This brought the total to 11,883 cases. Out of this number, 3,553 cases were disposed of, while 8,330 were pending at the end of the legal year. The chief judge said, "it can be seen that a grand total of 13,273 cases were disposed of by the various courts in Akwa Ibom State in the preceding legal year. One can also note that a total of 14,380 new cases were filed in the courts within the period under review. 

 He commend the efforts of judges of Akwa Ibom State, magistrates, dispute resolution officers, chairmen and members of the district courts and all staff of Akwa Ibom Judiciary for their hard work in this regard. 

This commendation becomes more necessary, considering the challenges we faced during the legal year. We had to shut down our various courts during the COVID-19 lockdown from March 23 to May 5, this year. 

Even when we returned from the lockdown, we, for some months had skeletal courts sittings to deal with only urgent and/or time bound matters. It is heartwarming that in spite of such limitations, the judiciary of Akwa Ibom State remained committed to its constitutional mandate.

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