The Perfect Finishing ...When You Deliberately Ostracize Him, You Will Fail - Adeboye

It was indeed a day of cel ebration for members of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, City of God Parish, as they dedicated their church building on completion recently. Members turned out with their various instruments of saxophone, the shofar, lyre, harp, drum, organ, flute, cymbal, trumpet, etc to appreciate God for a successful completion. The magnificent storey building situated on Monday Abasiattai Close, Shelter Afrique, Uyo, painted white, with rails well decorated and pavements made for the ministers and choristers, came out well crafted and befitting for a place of worship to God. Speaking on the topic, The Perfect Finishing, drawn from Psalms 24:1-4; 87; 138:8; Philippians 1:6 and 1Kings 5, the guest minister, Pastor Richard Adeboye, minister in charge of Region 14, informed that Christians and believers the world over should allow God to take the lead in every step of their lives. In his words, "I look around and everything is perfectly done, perfectly finished and perfectly arranged. The man of God maintained that perfect finishing means the Lord does not abandon His project. "The City of God cannot be abandoned or made an object of ridicule because God is involved. When He takes decision, He does not abandon but goes ahead to supply the provisions. "If your vision is from God, He does not abandon you no matter how big it is, He will supply the provisions. The greater the temptation, the greater the supply. When you take the walk of life without Jesus, when you walk out of the equation of your life, the end result is frustration and intimidation. When you play the game of a lone ranger, I do not guarantee you a successful end. When you deliberately ostracize Him and feel you can do it on your own, you will fail, and charged Christians to ensure God takes the lead for a successful end. According to a brief report on the project, it was informed that in fulfilment of the Redeemed Christian Church of God's mandate, the parish was established in Mbiabong Ikot Essien, Uyo Local Government. The church which started in a private home around Cat Street and later moved to the village hall was pioneered by a young missionary lady on attachment from School of Missions. She did a monumental work of evangelizing the entire neighbourhood and disciplined many of the young people of that community. After sometime, a plot of land was acquired there in Mbiabong Ikot Essien. When the parish moved from the village hall to a tent pitched on the property, the name was changed to RCCG, God of Wonders Parish. "So during Easter Let's-Go-A-Fishing (LGAF) programme of 2007, RCCG Abundance Model Parish conducted their Let's-goa-fishing exercise at the Royal Pearls Nursery & Primary School (now Redemption Academy), Shelter Afrique. A new parish was planted, and thus RCCG, City of God Parish, Shelter Afrique was born on April 7, 2007. Four pioneer workers were posted from Abundance Parish, namely: Pastor Isaac Alozie, as pioneer pastor, his wife, Pastor Beulah Ekerete and late Bro Bassey Esu. The report furthered that after the let's-go-a-fishing programme, the newly established RCCG City of God Parish moved to Pastor Emmanuel Bassey's house, joined by members of his household, some children and brethren from the neighbourhood. "A few months later and with the kind assistance of Pastor Bassey, the growing church moved to its present location where wooden structure served as its first church building, it said. It continued, "Overtime, the wooden walls began to rot; these were replaced with stone walls and the church hall was rehabilitated as well. As the parish grew numerically, members felt the need for a bigger and more befitting place of worship. Plans for the construction of the present church building were initiated and put in motion by Pastor A. W. Akpan who was the ministerin-charge of the parish. "On April 24, 2010, the foundation for this present church building was laid. The church also acquired adjoining plots of land to add to original holdings. The report likened RCCG City of God Parish to a city built on a hill, noting that from its inception, the church was aimed at giving light to the people in its environs. "Over the years, the church has provided sound biblical teachings, training of young people and helping them to discover and showcase talents as well as discipline and mentoring the young and old. All these were made possible through the labour of faithful, hard-working, selfless and spiritual pastors, ministers as well as indefatigable members whom the parish have been blessed with. The expected future of RCCG City of God Parish can be summarized in the words of Pst. and Mrs Emmanuel Bassey- two people who have been very instrumental in the establishment and growth of this parish. "We see a glorious church that will be relevant in these last days; a church that moves beyond the physical building/ community and makes global impacts with online followings across denominational walls; a church that intentionally designs programmes to reach out, connect and impact the elite, youths and children of this community; a church that meets the needs; a church that cares and most importantly a church that will make heaven, the report submitted. This brief history cannot be completed without acknowledging and appreciating the following pastors: Pastor Isaac Alozie, April - September 2007; Pastor A. W. Akpan - September 2007- January 2011; Pastor Mfon Essien - January 2011- August 2011; Pastor Femi Adeoye - August 2011 - February 2015, Pastor Samuel Umoh - March 2015 - September 2019; Pastor Festus Akangbe, September 2017- January 2019 (assistant pastor) and Pastor Victor Adeyanju - October 2019 till date. In their appreciation messages, Pastor Victor Adeyanju - minister-in-charge and the assistant Pastor, Mrs Rachel Akpan, thanked all for turning in and their support for the successful completion of the church building. "Thank you for honouring God through our invitation, may God bless you all. I give God all the glory, there is no other God beside Him, He is a God that can do all things. High point of the event was the dedication of the church by Pastor Richard Adeboye - pastor-in-charge of Region 14. This was followed with appreciation to God through praise and worship session, dance and ministrations by choristers. In attendance were: Onwioduokit Fidelis - PICP AKP1, Pastor Isreal Longe and other seasoned men of God.

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